Our team provides a safe and caring environment

Infusion Therapy Center

Our patient coordinator will schedule your appointments and walk you through financial responsibility, and provide treatment resources.

We have built a strong team of knowledgeable individuals who will help you through the process from beginning to end.

Our team works together to make sure you have the information about the treatment and care you need!

We provide a comfortable environment with a caring team who is knowledgeable about diseases and proper medication treatment.

Ask your provider if we are right for you!


We are a stand-alone multi-specialty infusion center. We partner with providers in the area to give you the prescribed care you need all within a comfortable environment.

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InfuseCare is located at:
3501 S. Soncy Rd.
Amarillo, Texas 79119

Phone: (806) 358-8625

Fax: (806) 503-2200


Infusion Therapy can treat a wide range of chronic illnesses that make it difficult or sometimes impossible to take oral medications.